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Help missing persons cases


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Folks, as you all know, missing persons is a situation very close to my heart.


Many of you met Stevie and would never have imagine that such a good lad would become a missing persons case.


Anyway, as part of Cameron's big society / finance cutbacks the NPIA, which is an organisation aimed at improving communication and response throughout missing persons cases is at risk of being disbanded.


Just to give a bit of insight. Earlier this year I went to an NPIA meeting and represented there were all aspects of missing persons. I was astounded at how far reaching missing persons cases were.


Instances include sex and drug trafficking, child abuse, runaways, parental abductions, murders, and mental health issues such as depression, alzheimers and so on.


To spend a day in this company was an eye opener and made me understand that any one of us could be touched by such an instance,


The NPIA is all about sharing expertise, breaking down government boundaries (one bloke I met had a wife who'd go walkabout due to depression and she often ended up in the next county. The local police could do nothing and the family had to fight for visitation rights).


We are talking big numbers in terms of cases (over 280,000 a year) but not much in terms of funding - the national missing persons helpline for example has a £300k a year govt grant - just over £1 to operate on every missing persons case.


Anyway, here's the full lowdown. Please spend a few minutes doing something worthwhile. Just over 5 years ago I wouldn't have given a s*** either but I never imagined that I would, so please do whatever you can to help.


NPIA - National Policing Improvement Agency.


The NPIA Missing Persons Bureau is the national and international point of contact in the UK for all missing and unidentified cases and is the centre for information exchange, knowledge and expertise on the missing.


This Bereau faces closure or having its services re-structured, according to a leaked Government document listing 129 public bodies, which will be consolidated down to something in the region of 57, by the end of 2012.


The risks and the impact that closing of the NPIA would have on the issue of missing people in the UK, would set the UK back about 5yrs.


The missing cannot afford for this to happen.


Could we please ask you to send a letter to your local UK MP's to take notice!


It is an opportuntiy to make a difference in local government. We are railroaded by big government who willy nilly cut services to the families of lost and missing relatives.


NPIA is the only DNA database in the UK with hundreds of unidentified people who may have family looking for them. What will the alternatives be?


Lets not allow this to happen without some accountability and assurance that the Missing Persons Bureau and realted work will be continued....


Please go to this link for further information and cut an paste the letter to the links provded





Please feel free to share wherever you can.


Cheers all,



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Got a reply today from my local MP who attached a letter he had got from the Parliamentary under secretary James Brokenshire.


Looks like my MP took it up the relevant bodies.


If you need a copy of the letter Spike(or know someone who does) just give me a shout.

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