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I don't understand the abuse at Benayoun. Did I miss a meeting?

Just another whiny modern footballer who thought he was so f***ing great that he needed first team football every game.


It's quite arbitrary, but if you can't be good, be arbitrary.

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I have no problem with Yossi really. Think he's a bit precious and a bit up himself, but he's a cracking, underrated player and I'm not going to delight in him getting injured. But mainly as I always think that karma's a bitch and Gerrard will rip his Achilles with England if I do.

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not a happy bunny



Yossi Benayoun has admitted his surprise and dismay that Chelsea's medical staff "missed" detecting the seriousness of an achilles injury after the Israel international was tonight ruled out for up to six months. The 30-year-old midfielder, a £5.5m signing from Liverpool in the summer, will travel to Finland on Sunday to have surgery the next day at the clinic of Dr Sakari Orava – the surgeon who operated on David Beckham in February – after Chelsea confirmed the findings of the Israeli national team doctor, Dr Mark Rosnovsky, and finally pinpointed a serious tear to an achilles.


Benayoun had been dogged by a tendon problem since the beginning of the season, with his club under the impression that it was treatable with careful management, only for scans at Tel Aviv's Assuta hospital to reveal a more disturbing reality. "The truth is that this entire situation is very strange," Benayoun said. "I had three MRIs and three ultrasounds and they all said that there was no problem, and it was just a small tear.


"I came to Israel ready to play and they told me it was a big tear. Chelsea were sure it was something small. They have compared all the images and they do not understand how they missed it. They said it is unusual to have such a big tear and not be in terrible pain. Even now I am not in pain but I cannot take one step by myself until I undergo surgery."


Benayoun has not played since apparently tearing a calf muscle in the Carling Cup defeat to Newcastle last month, though he was permitted to travel to Israel – via a visit to Marijana Kovacevic, whose treatments include the use of fluids from a cow's placenta, in Belgrade – to join up with the national squad. He had travelled still hoping to take part in his country's Euro 2012 qualifiers against Croatia and Greece. But he must now hope just to return to the first-team before the end of the current campaign. "I hope Chelsea have a successful season so I can come back and help win trophies in the final weeks," he added.

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