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Blackpool on Sunday


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I'm excited about Sunday, in a way


I'm looking forward to meeting up with my pals and having a march/mooch - not done that in a while


on the footballing side of things, I'm looking forward to seeing Blackpool play some reckless attacking football, following Holloway's comments about how they would approach the game



from a partisan point of view, of course I'm hoping that my favourite franchise wins the day and I'm gonna root, root, root for my club


is anyone else looking forward to stuff?

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In a bizarre sort of way, I'm looking forward to these deadlines, and all this ownership coming to a head. I wish I was more optimistic one way or the other, and I've no doubt that whatever happens, it'll involve another lengthy period of waiting afterwards, but still. It's a deadline. Hopefully a milestone.



Nah, to me, I can't shake the resemblance of being a dead man walking here.


We're on death row, awaiting the last ditch reprieve by the county judge.

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damn it Jarg, that's reminded me that the medieval one is lost...hit me like a sledgehammer that did


so metal one then


how about you, what are you bringing?


I'm away, which is currently the thing I'm most pissed off about, I've been banging the drum about all sorts, there's loads going on, it;s finally coming together again and I'm in bloody Amsterdam.

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