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the secrets of scientology


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Scientologists are c**** - FACT


As on-air rants go it was even more explosive than Chris Moyles – when BBC reporter John Sweeney raged like an "exploding tomato" at a member of the Church of Scientology.


Sweeney, who has since apologised for the incident and admitted he behaved like an "idiot", will return to the topic tonight in an hour-long Panorama special on BBC1.




It will include an interview with a former Scientology spokesman who confirms Sweeney's suspicions that he was followed by the church during the making of the 2007 programme.


Footage of Sweeney ranting at Tom Davis – "Now listen to me. You were not there at the beginning of the interview! You were not there! You did not hear or record all the interview!" – became a YouTube phenomenon and made headlines around the world when it aired in 2007.


Tonight's programme will also include allegations by former Scientology followers that the church sought to divide their families, a claim the church has denied.


"I apologised then and I apologise now, I was an idiot and I was wrong to lose it," said Sweeney of his infamous rant, which he has compared to an "exploding tomato".


"But questions do remain about the church and shortly after the last programme aired in 2007 I got word that one of the men assigned to handle me – Mike Rinder – had left," he told BBC Radio 4's Today.


"Back in 2007 I thought we were being spied on, followed around by sinister strangers. Tommy Davis denied it, saying I was being paranoid."


But Sweeney says the church "now admits private eyes were tasked to track and document us, an overt operation they say, not spying".


"You were being followed," Rinder tells him. "It would have come under my purview, no doubt whatsoever."

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