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Footballers as Artists


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Great story this.




Rams star's garden art is attacked as an `eyesore' by neighbours


A GRAFFITI-DAUBED toilet block and horse box, which Derby County goalkeeper Stephen Bywater has erected in his garden in the name of art, has been lambasted as an eyesore by neighbours.


Mr Bywater says the installation, which until recently had a blow-up doll and rubber genitalia attached, is his "masterpiece''.


Derbyshire police admitted they had been called to Mr Bywater's village following a dispute between neighbours and were hoping to help bring the situation to an amicable solution.


Officers had also demanded the removal of the blow-up doll. The graffiti includes the words love and "piece".


Last night, a statement from Derby County said the club "completely disassociates itself with this type of behaviour" and said it was "dealing with the matter internally".


Mr Bywater's next-door neighbour said the dispute started last December when Mr Bywater put the items in the garden of the Derbyshire home he shares with wife Zoe.


"We are trying to sell the house," said the 75-year-old, who does not wish to be named.


"It is horrible. We were away on holiday when he put it up. Our neighbours sent us pictures to show us what he had done and my wife didn't want to come home.


"He adds to it all the time, painting extra bits and putting more things on.


"He says it is his artwork but we just want him to take it down. It is horrible to have to look at it. Children go past on the bus as well."


The couple said: "We are totally bewildered by his actions."


Another village resident, TV ghosthunter Richard Felix said: "It is an eyesore and you can't miss it if you drive through the village."


Mr Bywater said the installation, which includes a set of wind chimes, was not part of a dispute.


He said: "Lots of people have a hobby and my current hobby is art.


"We spoke to the neighbours at their request on Thursday, September 16, and they told us that as far as they are concerned it can stay, and I quote, 'we are not that bothered'.


"She advised me to use a dictionary next time."


In a statement, the club said: "The club was made aware of the issue through a third party and has been in dialogue with Stephen about it and the perceptions that may arise from it.


"We have also been in contact with his neighbours regarding his actions.


"Derby County does not condone and completely disassociates itself with this type of behaviour.


"This is not the type of conduct we expect from one of our employees."





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