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Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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When Hill smashes Karen in the face off the bed and points the gun in her face screaming at her "How does it feel?!!" When he's finished he punches the bedside table.


Innocuous? :unsure:


He was a hateful f*cker in both of them, though a bit funnier in Goodfellas.


Brilliant roles.


He may have been best as Jake's brother in Raging Bull.


For me, he never topped My Cousin Vinny.

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When Henry picks his brother up from hospital during his cocaine paranoia day, he's the doctor who tells Henry he looks awful and gives him valium.

is he really? fancy that. that article which started this thread sums that whole part of the film up brilliantly by the way. coked up paranoia and high-speed mentalism just makes you ache.

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