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So maybe he was bent all this time...

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Italians have been roaring about this for 8 years. Some grist for their mill out of this.


Referee Byron Moreno Of South Korea Italy World Cup 2002 Caught For Heroin Possession


By Angel on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010


Former World Cup referee Byron Moreno was found in possession of six kilograms of heroin at John F. Kennedy airport in New York and arrested. The Ecuadorian is best known for his part in a controversial World Cup 2002 second round game between South Korea and Italy that had forever tainted the then co-hosts’ achievements in the tournament.


Moreno was caught with the drugs in his underwear as he tried to evade security.


The second round game between South Korea and Italy was remembered for all the wrong reasons and the end result of Guus Hiddink’s side miraculously eliminating the Italians is only positively recollected by the host country’s fans.


Many had accused favouritism in several of the decisions that led to South Korea reaching the semi finals of the competition and while none of the charges have ever been proven, they left a shadow cast over the whole tournament.


Italy had themselves scraped into the second round after surviving scares against Croatia and Mexico in the group stages, with the European giants claiming that they were victimised by several poor refereeing decisions with four goals disallowed despite being shown to be perfectly good.


But they were not only up against the South Koreans in the second round game as Moreno happened to be in charge of the game. The Italians first had a valid goal from Damiano Tommasi disallowed for unknown reasons by the Ecuadorian in extra time which would have sent the Azzurri through to the quarterfinals.


Then, to rub salt into the Europeans’ wounds, playmaker Francesco Totti was also sent off by Moreno for diving during extra time.


The South Koreans were also given a controversial penalty by Moreno for shirt tugging by Christian Panucci which was subsequently saved by Gianluigi Buffon. However, several vicious fouls from the Koreans went unpunished.


Unfortunately, the accusations of questionable officiating continued to tarnish the Asian giants’ progress in the competition as similar incidents also occurred in their clash against Spain, overshadowing what was largely an inspired tournament from the Koreans as they wowed the rest of the world with their exciting brand of attacking football under then manager Guus Hiddink.


Moreno received special attention for his part in the scandal as following the tournament, the Ecuadorian continued to make mindboggling decisions in games he officiated in. The South American was banned for 20 games following a game between Deportiva Universita de Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club where he added 13 minutes of injury time that allowed Deportiva to win 4-3 after trailing 3-2.


Moreno later retired from the game after receiving another suspension following a game in which he sent off three players

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