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The Bucks massive


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My lad went to London last night, him, three mates, all 18 years old in a Corsa with tinted windows and a borrowed Sat nav. All four were wearing hoodies and, knowing those tossers, very likely wearing shades too, despite it being pitch black.


Now not having a clue about the geography of the big town they decided to bang in a random London hotspot into the Tom Tom and having seen Fools and Horses decided to head for Peckham. Nope, not Soho or Picaddily, f*cking Peckham in Sarf London!!


The excitement mounted as they scoured the area for the legendary Nelson Mandela Estate and then Eureka, proper street cred at last, they were pulled over by the old bill, a contravention of the suss laws possibly, proper gangsta stuff!!


Hard as you like, the four tough guys got out the car and told the 'Babylon' they were cool dudes crusing in the smoke and that they lived near Slough. The copper was sound, 'be careful lads, four white boys with hoodies will attract attention, the locals could mistake you for a white gang on black turf, just take it easy, they would see it as a challenge,if I were you I'd head on back to the country'.


So back to the sheep they headed until they had to stop as my lad was breaking his neck for a piss, he simply had to go, mastering his fear he got out and went in between two parked cars in a dimly lit street. He was half way through when he realised there were two lads in one of the cars looking straight at him!! Apparently he made it back to the car with a soaking wet trackie bottom, luckily he didn't quite sh*t his pants but it was close (Feck off Kahnee).

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It sounds like great family banter



You must be dead posh you.


to be fair, Stephen probably tells his mates his oul man pisses his pants in public on a regular basis



I almost pissed up Mrs Neville's flag in Athens, she wasn't happy. It's easier to just do it, nobody notices for ages.

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