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Fit and Proper Owners

charlie clown

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Thought that Rushian made this excellent point on Twitter:


RushianLFC Would Hicks pass the "new" fit + proper person test if he bought out Gillett's share + would Scudamore have the balls to challenge it? #lfc

about 3 hours ago


We should also be lobbying the Premier League on this.



there's a letter backed by a few protesting groups going to the league on monday morning asking this very question. how can a man who is practically bankrupt and seeking to again leverage the club against more refinancing of loans, on the back of several years of documented lies, possibly be considered fit and proper? the letter will call for a response from the league and force them to take a position.


edit: plus the media will be informed that the question has been asked.


Is this something we should be doing the written or e-mail follow up to as well? Great to know there is a corporate and organised effort in place but can it harm the cause if individual fans express their concern as well?

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The Premier League, in their familiar wishy washy do f*** all fashion, have confirmed that Hicks would pass the test. As would Peter Risdale. And f***in' Pol Pot, probably.


Apparently, they have to be "objective".


Did they give any explanation of why they came to that conclusion?




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The reason given was that the only reason someone wouldn't pass would be legal rather than financial. Scudamore also told SOS the licence was granted for this season because the club had assets that could be "liquidised" ie: players could be sold if the s*** hit the fan.<br>

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