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Hicks is Talking to More Banks


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Posted by royhendo on RAWK. Kudos to him.





Hicks is in New York. He is talking to J.P.Morgan and Deutsche Bank.










Kop Faithful standard text guys - let's GO GO GO!!!


Make the title innocuous: "Re: refinance information", or whatever.




'jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com'; 'charlie.scharf@chase.com'; 'gordon.smith@chase.com'; 'marc.x.sheinbaum@jpmchase.com'; 'david.b.lowman@jpmchase.com';


'autobahn.fi@db.com'; 'autobahn.insight@db.com'; 'aesales.emea@db.com'; 'autobahn.fx@db.com'; 'autobahn.fo@db.com'; 'autobahn.support@db.com'; 'ari.cohen@db.com'; 'lem.brewster@db.com'; 'mayura.hooper@db.com'; 'renee.calabro@db.com'; 'scott.helfman@db.com'; 'john-t.gallagher@db.com'; 'ted.meyer@db.com';


Dear Sirs,


If your company agrees a £280million refinancing deal with Tom Hicks to retain his share in Liverpool Football Club, then the only return that you will see on your investment is bad publicity and a severe backlash from Liverpool supporters worldwide.


As you are aware, Hicks is trying to refinance his debt to the Royal Bank of Scotland before October 6th so that he can continue his disastrous ownership of Liverpool Football Club.


You are facing an energized, well-informed mass of Liverpool fans from around the world. We are tapped into a constant stream of information on the ownership situation. Every day, dozens of web forums buzz with the latest news. Protest marches, newspaper ads, boycotts and billboards are organized. Every move Hicks makes is scrutinized. And every associate of his is warned.


Refinancing is our nightmare scenario. Anybody who helps Tom Hicks refinance will become our primary target. Just ask the Blackstone Group / GSO Capital Partners who received approximately 7,000 emails in the space of a few days from disgruntled Liverpool fans following refinancing talks with Hicks. They soon saw sense and ended negotiations with Hicks after Liverpool supporters bombarded them with emails and phone calls.


The Sun Newspaper is another organisation who have felt the wrath of Liverpool fans following their disgraceful coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989. The boycott of the newspaper by Liverpool fans is said to have cost News International an estimated £10 million a year.


If you join Tom Hicks in raping and pillaging Liverpool Football Club, then you will be making a very powerful enemy.


You have been warned.




Yours faithfully,




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