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E-mail offer from Amazon

charlie clown

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Get Barbie - The Magic Of Pegasus - 2D Version [DVD] (DVD) for £11.99



What feckin demographic do they think I belong in?


Ages ago I logged onto Amazon and was 'recommended' Chris Moyles' parody album as they 'thought I might like this'. I'm not sure if I've ever been so insulted.

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my wife was born in 63, Mutual of Omaha had it down as 43. For the past few months we have had mail and phone calls offering her a medicare health plan and details about retirement communities.


yesterday finally finished her off when a local retirement community sent her a gift card for a free dinner at their complex and a complimentary tour.



my job, later today, is to track down someone at Mutual and deal with them.



No, we are not going to use the free dinner card.

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