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RIP Arnaud


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I know my english is not fantastic but please read this.


during the night of the friday 12th to the 13th of march , a friend of mine,Arnaud was in the center of Le Havre,Normandy,on a bench at about 3 or 4 in the morning.

That is the last time he's been seen.


The following monday ,his parents came from the french eastern region of Les Vosges to come to Le Havre and the national police.

Please note that in france,we have the national police and the municipale police (municipale police is the police for the city).


They were told that footage of the scenes might had been taken,as the place is on constant CCTV footage.

But the tapes belong to the municipale police and to have the right to see them,they must ask the judge a permission.


As you know it,it takes a lot of time,a longer time than 9 days,which is the period of time after which the municipale police automatically destroys the tapes.

So they destroyed the tapes.


Arnaud's corpse was discovered 4 weeks after the event took place,it was floating on a lake beside the maritime station.

and his body was battered and bruised.He has clearly been beaten.


So if you could have a little thought for a very good friend who lost his life,that would be kind.He was a fantastic guy of 22 years of age.

he's on the right side of this photograph:



on the 15th of june,another student disappeared in the center of Le Havre.

No one has found her yet.

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we were down at friend's house yesterday,having a few pints,and ,as i had an internet connection,i proposed to see a few photographs of arnaud.

One of us couldn't watch the photographs,he didin't want,he couldn't.

at 22 years years of age,you don't expect one of your best pals to disappear,do you?

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