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Mirosoft project


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Project is a complete a*** of a piece of software. It's not just that it is unwieldy, has a mind of its own etc. but once you've got your plan on it, you can't ask other people to have a look at it cause no other fecker has the application on their machine.


Open Workbench is something I've tried a few times to have a look at but every time I try and load it on to my laptop it falls over. Not a good start but it looks on paper as if it might be a useful option.

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In addition to the obvious, I've used Manymoon and Basecamp and found them reasonably good. Manymoon is an add-on for the google apps suite and is easy to set up and use. It emphasizes collaboration and communication. Its biggest limitation is that it requires Google apps (personal or business) to work properly and obviously these are not yet common in the corporate world. However, I can see that changing as they offer so many advantages over traditional business applications. They should definitely be considered by any new business or ones not being strangled by IT departments. Basecamp is another online project management that emphasises the collaboration and communication angle. Again its simple to set up and use. There's no need to attend a two day course to learn how to work with it.



My personal favourite is Celtx. Its specifically designed for media pre-production (any type) but I've used it for all stages in the production process and cannot recommend it highly enough. Again, its simple and easy to use, there is an offline and/or offline version and it ties together project and task management really well. It doesn't get in the way of getting a project as does Project for example.


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We just got an upgrade at work to Project 2010, still trying to find my way round it, we were on 2000 before so were overdue an upgrade. Have got 07 in the house so its not been that much of a culture shock.


The guy I work with is having kittens tho, not good with newer technology and going from 2000 to 2010 in one fell swoop.:lol:

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