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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Stop Blackstone


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I have made contact with the company reported to have been talking to Tom Hicks. I have left their details below. I would ask you also contact them to let them know how we feel. Let's get at these..

To whom it may concern,


I am a fan of Liverpool Football Club and I read in the English media with interest that Blackstone are planning to join forces with Tom Hicks

in a venture that secures you part ownership of Liverpool Football Club. You may or may not know the hatred that Liverpool fans have for Tom Hicks and his current partner

George Gillet but I am here to tell you that the hatred of both of these men for the position they have taken our football club to is real and beginning to grow with

each passing day.


This email is to advise that if your company choose to join forces with Tom Hicks in a venture concerning Liverpool Football Club you will be making a huge mistake. There

is nothing here for you if you are in partnership with a man so reviled in these parts.


The fans of our club are not going to stand for Mr Hicks and Mr Gillet's asset stripping any longer. We are now fighting back. Amongst other ideas we are currently liaising

with Liverpool City Council for the Council to reverse the agreement of land on Stanley Park where Liverpool FC were planning to build a new stadium. We are pressuring the

local Council not to allow Liverpool FC, under the current ownership of Mr Hicks and Mr Gillet, the lease to this particular the area of land or indeed any other land

in the Liverpool area where a stadium build may be possible. The stadium is the single biggest factor in bringing in money and we are taking steps to remove this revenue

stream. If you think that the current stadium will allow you a decent return on any investment you are mistaken. Without a new stadium you are throwing money away.


In addition there are plans to boycott games and a half full Anfield stadium really isn't going to help you. I personally have already stopped going to games. A friend

of mine has already given their season ticket back. Numerous others are saying they will not renew if Hicks and Gillet are still in charge next season.

Nor will it help when our campaigns against club sponsors begin. Nor will it help when we march on the offices of Liverpool FC in the City Centre and the police come

knocking on your door to pay the bill for the extra manpower it requires to police the marching numbers.


The Royal Bank of Scotland have already called off an open day

in their offices in Scotland because they had heard that Liverpool fans were to make the long journey North in order to make our point in person to their hierarchy.

No distance is too far. We will make ourselves known and we will make ourselves heard.


If you know anything about football, and indeed this football club, you will know that it is unique. You will know that when our club

needs support there are no other fans quite like ours to give it. The support is known the World over. You will also know that when Liverpool fans believe in something

then we will fight for that belief. Tom Hicks and George Gillet have had it easy so far. As fans we have trusted that the board of LFC are trying to do the right thing

in selling the club but we now believe this is not the case. We now believe that Tom Hicks and George Gillet need to understand our feelings towards them and this begins



Take into account what I am saying here. Check out what revenue streams Tom Hicks is telling you there are and know that I am going to go after each and every one of those

revenue streams with a view to making them put pressure on the club to end the ownership debacle. You do not need the headache and the hassle that we are about to stir up.

We urge you not to join Tom Hicks. He is hated. His partner George Gillet is hated. If you join Tom Hicks you will be hated.


The fightback against the hated owners and asset strippers of LFC has begun. Don't be part of the problem.


Kind regards


Fans Vs LFC




Want to email these guys? Do it. Mail: info@blackstone.com and BlackstoneInvestorRelations@blackstone.com


Do Something. It's our club. Let's fight to get it back.





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