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Fans Vs LFC

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In July I made contact with Liverpool City Council with an email that i will post shortly. After a few discussions, that shall remain confidential for the time being, I backed off to wait for further development mainly in the hope that Martin Broughton would succeed in bringing in new owners.


In light of the information released in the last day or two regarding Tom Hicks looking to re-finance I have decided that I can wait around no longer. I need to start to force the issue. WE NEED TO FORCE THE ISSUE. As fans we need to stand up and be counted. For the most part our lives revolve around this football club and here we are standing by while some two bit businessmen look to

asset strip us.


Well they can try. Under no circumstances am i going to stand by and let these people take away my club without a fight. I urge each and every one of you to take a stand too.


On Sunday October 3rd 2010 Liverpool Football Club host Blackpool in a Premier League game to kick off at 3pm. I would like all of our fans to join us and let this be known as 'Do Something Day'.


Our fans are disjointed as events to raise awareness of the owners greed by various groups and unions do not always meet with universal approval. This causes a problem as it looks like we

are not together in our aim of putting pressure on the owners of LFC and the Board to do the right thing and sell to an owner with morals. For one day we forget about questioning the actions and motives of others and take it upon ourselves to Do Something that makes a point, no matter how small, towards the owners of our great club.


So, with this in mind we ask that October 3rd be 'Do Something Day'. Whether you start a march, refuse to buy food or drink at half time, don't buy from the club shop when you visit the ground, send an email outlining your feelings to the club or whatever - it doesn't matter - just Do Something. Take an action, any action you want that in some small way shows how you feel towards

the club and the way it is being run.


The news that Tom Hicks is trying to re-finance should worry every single Liverpool fan. It should concern you that a man with no money wants to take your money in order to pay for your club. It should concern you that since both he and his business partner George Gilett came into town that they have not put any money into moving your club forward. That they have taken as much as they can - whether it be for business trips or architect drawings of a stadium that will never be built - they have not put anything into this club. Their sole aim to bleed this club dry and we need to take action before it is too late.


I have setup a facebook group known as fansvslfc. Please take an action and please let me know what action you take. The fear is that if Tom Hicks refinances now then he has the knowledge of how to refinance again in 6, 12, 18 months time. It will be a never ending nightmare. Let's take a stand to make it stop. October 3rd 2010. Do Something Day. Time to fight for your club.


Facebook: fansvslfc


Please pass this message onto every Liverpool fan and LFC related forum you know of and importantly, let us know what you are doing..





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