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John Barnes

Tommy Cockles

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I'm just a bit too young to have really seen (or at least been able to fully appreciate) Dalglish at his peak.


Barnes, for those first couple of years, is the best Liverpool player I've seen, bar none.


What the first part of that compilation also shows is the quality of moevement from other players around him - though admittedly it is easier to find space when you've got one man pulling 3,4 or 5 players out of position all the time.


And HeWonItFromBrock is one of my favourite poster names.


Im in exactly the sameboat as you, probably too young to really appreciate Kenny at the time, and definately Barnes is the best Liverpool player I have seen that I can truely recall properly and not just through replays now.


What gets me about those clips is when you look at videos of some older great players you know they were brilliant at their time but think the game has changed now and they might not be as successful now. I dont think that is the case with Barnes. I still think he'd thrive if he was on the scene now as he has the skill and physical power to play in todays game.


What I would give to have him play now on our left, creating things for Torres and chipping in with goals himself. Scary to think what price tag they would put on him in todays game.

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