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Seriously, why did we sign him?


Having looked at him in the World Cup and so far in the games he has played for us, I have yet to find a less inspiring player. I know he was pretty good during his peak in Sevilla, but that was years ago. I think even our resident Danes don't rate him at all.


In all seriousness I think Lucas already is and most certainly will be a comfortably better player for us than he is. And I'm no Lucas fan by any stretch of the imagination.


I think the way Poulsen moves about was well described in the match thread by someone: "He looks like he has just discovered his legs, but is unaware of how to use them". He's not particularly clever in his passing either and it's hard to see him stamp any kind of authority on any game of real importance. So what the hell does he bring into the table?


I realise we need "another body" but f*** me even Spearing can do a better job than he does. We also have the aforementioned Lucas and we also signed Meireles who can play defensive midfield. And that's before mentioning Gerrard, or going into the lunatic decision of loaning out Aquilani.


I accept that we had to let Mascherano go and I'm sort of fine with him being replaced by Meireles. But what I don't understand is that why would Hodgson replace Aquilani by someone who plays a completely different role to him and is also as s**** as Poulsen is?


I know this might sound harsh, as it's early days, but I'll be stunned if I ever change my mind about him. In fact he's (perhaps irrationally) turning into my new "hate-figure" (well not hate literally, but you know what I mean) instead of Degen.


Anyone impressed by him?

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The early formative impressions I am getting from his early performances are negative. Hopefully he can reverse that.


He seems to have only 1 gear and its a very slow one and whilst Didi was never the quickest, Poulsen doesnt strike me as a player that has the "1st yard" in his mind with a knack for being in the right place at the right time ala Didi. I nearly fell out of my seat when he hit a bullet shot at Brum but was blocked and then made a meaty 50:50 challenge so he can snap out of his apparent daze when he wants to.


At the moment, he does need games to see if he can offer something better than Lucas but if he continues then in a straight pick between him and Lucas - I think I would go with Lucas purely for his engine to get around the place.

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What exacly is Lucas 'comfortably better' at. Poulsen has one thing over Lucas - aggression and he moves the ball a bit quicker; that aside he's an older version of the same player.


Share your concerns outlined above to a certain extent, but I'd rather play and keep Poulsen personally, That said the biggest issue of all is both players being selected in a team bereft of creativity in wide areas, resulting in an utterly negative and unimaginative way of playing. If he wants to play them both it needs Babel on one wing at least.


You have to get the ball from back to front at some sort of speed, if you're saying your centre mids aren't going to do it you have to be able to get it wide and have the players out there carry the ball at speed. There are some differences in style of play with Hodgson so far but the major problems are exactly the same.


Hopefully Mereiles and Cole will help remedy that and I'll reserve judgement for now, but it certainly hasn't been good so far. We move the ball so slowly we're constantly playing against a solid, organised back four which focuses primarily on crowding out Torres and Gerrard because they know they won't get hurt by pace in wide areas.


One of Lucas and Poulsen could be relatively effective (if uninspiring) holding on their own, both together is horribly wrong.

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Oh and Rory, I completely missed that shot and tackle against Brum?


The performance probably put you to sleep :lol:


It was towards the end of the game if I remember correctly. When I say it was blocked, he hit it from about 25-30 yards out and it was blocked on the edge of the box, not like it was 2-3 yards from the goal-line.

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We move the ball so slowly we're constantly playing against a solid, organised back four which focuses primarily on crowding out Torres and Gerrard because they know they won't get hurt by pace in wide areas.


I thought this is what Hodgson would remedy and I was impressed by the way we played the pre-season games - there was one game were the players didnt take more than 2 secs on the ball before shifting it. If the ball is kept moving then the opposition have to keep moving and with Maxi, Gerrard, Cole, Torres likely to be ahead of the ball - you can ping a ball to their feet if you drag the opposition a little out of shape.


Anyway .......... the competitive games have told a different story and I am a bit surprised. Hodgson has built a sizeable part of his reputation on organisation and stopping bigger teams like Liverpool. Surely he knows how other managers will set up against us. Given that he is on the other side of the fence, you would think he would have the team set up to get forward quickly before the opposition can re-group.


I thought this would be by way of quick movement of the ball rather than getting pace on the wings but neither is being employed at the moment. I only hope it changes when Cole gets some game time and Meireles settles in.

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Much better than Lucas IMHO. Facilitates the selling of Lucas in January.


I hope to see more from a Meireles/Poulsen combination than the Lucas/Mascherano one.

you have lost it.. dont blame you though.. trying to prove woys piss is wine must do your head in

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Seems everyone in the league is allowed a squad of midfielders bar us.


Indeed, he isn't a pointless signing at all and the idea that we can sell in January unless we are upgrading is wrong. We have the correct number of centre mids at the moment, although you can debate their quality

I like Poulsons leadership and presence. I dislike almost everything else. But i'd like to see what he looks like playing with someone else before i judge

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I always thought he would be decent back up for Mascherano because of his experience, but he's nowhere near the level required to be first choice. Nothing I've seen of him so far this season has changed my mind.


Granted, playing next to Lucas isn't doing him any favours (and vise versa), but even playing next to Gerrard or Meireles, I don't think he is at a sufficient level to be a regular starter in the league. Unless Poulsen has a massive upturn in form from the last 2-3 seasons, I'd prefer Lucas as our holding midfielder.


I know we'll be playing 60 games this season and there'll be plenty of games for both of them, but for the league games I still prefer Lucas. And then play Poulsen in Europe and maybe some cup games where his experience can help the youngsters settle in.


It will be interesting to see what Hodgson does now that Meireles is here and Cole is back from suspension. I have a sneaking suspicion that Poulsen will still be a regular starter in the league.

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better than lucas, that's the point.


I'm not sure about that


But I want to see one of Lucas/Poulsen playing with one of Mediros/Gerrard.


That 2 needs balance that you don't get with Lucas & Poulsen and we didn't get with Lucas Mascherano

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