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Konchesky - thought he a good a debut.... but hasn't been much cop since

floyd the barber

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*errr what happend with the title!! it should of course read " thought he had a good debut!!"




Honestly though he had a decent game, 1st half he looked a little nervous...2nd half and much better! made some decent challenges at the back..dont remember much getting past him, also nice turn and cross halfway through 2nd half..

Promising after all the abuse he has already taken on here! lets hope he can prove many wrong..............and hope the knock he got wasnt too serious.

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Looked good going forward which surprised me. The one positive surprise today, so that counts for something.


He was really poor defensively though and Brum seemed to target him and had an easy time putting in crosses from that side. After he went off injured they seemed to switch their attention to Johnson which didn't exactly make things better for us.


It looks like we could be in for another season of opponents targetting our left back. Hopefully it was just nerves though and he'll improve defensively as he gets to know his team mates.

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