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Candid Camera - Iraqi style

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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An Iraqi prank television show has taken the 'candid camera' format to a new level after planting fake bombs under celebrities' cars. The programme, "Put Him In Bucca", also threatens high-profile contests with jail in a maximum-security prison despite their protests of innocence. The show, broadcast on the Al-Baghdadia network, targets famous Iraqi singers, comedians and artists.


'Participants are invited to the station's studios for an interview but as they arrive are subjected to a checkpoint complete actors posing as police and security personnel. As they wait outside the building a fake improvised explosive device (IED) is then planted in the car before they are accused of being suicide bombers and threatened with prison. But the programme has attracted criticism as being in bad taste, in a country where suicide bombings remain frequent. The show has continued to be broadcast throughout the fasting month of Ramadan despite numerous protests being held objecting to its making fun of a serious issue' - The Daily Telegraph.

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