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Cruise ship chaos


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I've been on board ferries that have done that. All fun and games until a refrigeration unit comes out of its stays, slides across the deck and into the opposite bulkhead which is made of glass, showering everyone beside it in glass...


And what's Rafa doing working as a purser on that ship?

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This was shown on Watchdog tonight and all passengers were offered a 25% discount off future bookings :lol:

You'd bite their fingers off for that, wouldn't you?


...I mean - you'd probably never set foot on a ship again, but you'd bite their fingers off anyway.


Only ever been on one horrendously rough crossing going to North Africa years ago and having to pass through the Bay of Biscay en route*...luckily, I don't get sea sick - close that night, however.


*No Eric and Cobs - I wasn't with the Afrika Korps....

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