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Civil Disobedience

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To me there are a number of things that could be done for a serious boycott short of it just being absolute chaos that falls apart.


It needs a strong message to be transmitted to all the fans.


It needs to be ratcheted up to put the squeeze on the club to make the bank double their efforts.


The message to the sponsors needs to be loud and clear -- keep doing business with the club and they will lose your business. Cut off ties with the club as it is, or if they do business with a new, positive owner, then you'd be happy to do business with them.


Have different protests to gradually increase the pressure on the club: everybody wear black to the games; everybody stay in your seats after the game with placards spelling something out; everybody rally in Stanley Park before games; picket the stadium all week to stop purchases in the club store; etc etc.


Creativity is what is needed in order to get serious attention to this cause. Not half-hearted efforts like paying for a billboard that nobody will see. How many would tie-cuff themselves to their seat at the end of a game?


One form letter. For each sponsor and each supplier. Everyone should be able to fire them off the computer, sign them, and send them. On one particular day to barrage the sponsor. This needs to be easy to do, but organized.


Petitions do no good at all. What does work is people signing a commitment to these actions in order to document the true magnitude of these actions.

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