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Here's that new takeover thread

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The one with the 'this is Anfield' story in ?


Reposting my comment on it :

Gotta love Anfield Rd. Many many words, hints at inside knowledge, but ultimately worse than any tabloid, but they get given some credibility because they champion the right cause.


They more than anyone have fuelled the escalation in Purslow paranoia, and although I think they're well intentioned lads I think they get hints of info, take as gospel,and then arrange an interpretation that fits around their preconceptions and then try and pass the whole package off as 'fact'.


I don't doubt their premise that Gillet is out for himself and his agenda may differ from RBS but then no new info is required to guess that much. Ultimately though, what are they saying ? That the Broughton and Purslow camp have a viable investor lined up but that G & H want to delay things to get a higher bid in ? I'm losing track of whom the goodies and baddies are in this.

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