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New Daily Podcast

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As an extension to the regular weekly podcasts we are now going to trial a new daily podcast, which is intended to provide a 5 minute update on the latest news and hot issues on Liverpool FC. The podcast will normally be available by around 7:00am each morning so can be available to download and maybe listen to on the way to work.


As usual your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome to help improve this broadcast so please take a listen and let us know what you think!



If you would like to subscribe to the podcast you can do by clicking on the link below;




Or Here


Or you can subscribe through iTunes by entering "YNWA" into the search bar.



If you would like to comment on any of the issues raised in this podcast then please contact us;


Telephone us on 0151-324-0099 (or Skype us at "ynwa_tv") and leave a message with your name and comments






Or you can post a message in the forums.

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I havent yet listened to the 5min podcasts but as feedback is welcome - I will tell you my 'habits'


I dont think I would log into I-tunes every day and get the news via a podcast when it can be done with a quick review of the internet. Also, I find downloading podcasts a bit of a pain.


However, in saying that, I am a huge fan of the weekly podcast as that is something unique and cant be replicated in text on the internet. It also means that I just have to download the podcast once or twice a week which is not a problem and it gives me 2-2.5hrs of listening material (if its done twice a week).


Without trying to give the contributors big'eads, I find it thoroughly enjoyable to listen to contributions of other fans, its almost like earwigging on a conversation at the next table in the pub. Alright, I might shake my head at the odd point and not agree with everything, but thats the beauty.


Also, the contributors are generally deeply immersed in all things Liverpool and can give a deeper explanation than some of the cheap BS in the tabloids.


So, in short, I am a fan of the long debates as they cant be replicated on the net, whereas a short 5 min daily update can 'probably' be sourced from newsnow - also, I am not the kind of person that would be a daily downloader from I-tunes especially for 5mins material - unless of course, YNWA bring their own unique slant on news and then I might download them in weekly batches and listen retrospectively to hear the 'opinion/slant' (not sure how though)

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