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Television You Can Iron To


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Important genre of television this, should be marked up in the Radio Times.


1. Inspector Morse


Someone at the very least Oxford middle-class (so upper middle class to the rest of us) is dead. There are four or five likely suspects. The actor best known has probably done it. Is that Patricia Hodge? Again? Morse is grumpy, Lewis chipper. Be surprised if Morse gets it before the third corpse. Adverts OK, aimed at people older than me. Soundtrack soothing, Thaw's voice marvellous. Acts with his tongue, worth watching out for when you aren't staring at the tricky shirt you are trying to iron. It often peeks out of his mouth. Look! There it is, like a turtle's head. Morse will be trying very lacksidaisically to get his end away. Maybe, Morse, if you had a proper mooch you'd get a bit?


Five irons out of five.


2. Friends


Everyone chipper. Wait for hoots when guest star arrives. Guest star possibly grumpy. Never not on telly. Mostly obvious (which is a good thing in this context) but occasionally a good episode hoves into view. You can tell within five which means ironing occasionally needs to be terminated. Adverts terrible and aimed at people younger than me. Bad news. Aniston talented and fabulous. Cox woeful, bland in places. Disturbing when they talk about sex as I don't really believe they have genitals.


Four irons out of five.


Add your own. More soon.

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