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Changing face of European football


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We've done to death the quality of the UEFA cup after the adminstrators destroyed it, but overall, its amazing the cycle of clubs.


It seems to me, there is a few teams at the top of Europe such as Liverpool, mancs, chelsea, real madrid, barcelona, Inter who are the aristocrats of Europe. Arsenal and Bayern are in there too. The rest of teams do flit quite regular between UEFA and CL. LAzio, roma, Benfica, Sporting, even clubs like Basle, AEK, used to be in the CL for a run.


Have we been lucky in our league that the same 4 teams have been in? What if chelsea had not been bought, would that 4th spot be taken and rotated by Villa, Everrton, spurs etc?


It seems like Europe is taking the road of the league, where the number of teams able to win it are narrowing quickly. This season, if the mancs, us, chelsea, real or barcelona do not win it, frankly it will be a shock.


The new financial rules will make it harder too. Already the spanish league is like scotland now, and Italy is even worse with Inter, and everyone else.


Is it just money? Or is it more than that?


I like european football, but if it ends up like the scottish or spanish league, its pointless and will lose attraction.


A few years ago, a group containing Lyon, Fiorentina and Liverpool would be a group of death.

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I love European football. Its great

On wednesday Debrecen sang YNWA with us. Next saturday Hull will be singing sign on at us

Now that is possibly the finest point you have ever made. Not thought about it like that before, but good post!

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