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Federer - greatest shot ever?

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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It was more how flat he hit it, and how hard rather than the direction that made it a great shot

Any tennis player could hit the ball in the area they wanted with that shot. They do it alot


It was like a footballer hitting a shot with their shoulder into the corner of the goal. Not a huge achievement, but if they catch it as sweetly and powerfully as a volley.....

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The shot carralegend put a link to is just ridiculous!


Apparently this del Potro guy is considered one to watch?


Yeah he's class mate, his improvement has been brilliant. He didnt look anything that special but last year won a few s***ty tournaments in a row and his confidence has been sky high since then. He looked for a while like his movement might be exposed against the top players but again, he's improved every aspect of his game and is competing with them all.


He's moving better, he's brilliant in pressure situations, his hitting is incredible, he can get a lot fitter though, but he is only 20. Even if he loses tonight he's had another great year and I expect him to win here or Australia soon enough. He's very good on clay aswell. A lot of the Argie players seem to be lazy bellends which is weird as thats completely different to the way their footballers are so hopefully he doesnt have the same traits.

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