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Bannable qualities


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As footy is set for a 2 week midseason break, something to break the monotony.


What are some of your pet peeves and subsequent punishments.


1. Players with long pony tails: 3 weeks ban and compulsory public head shaving.

2. Shielding the ball out of play: attacker trying to get to the ball has the right to shove the defender out of the way.

3. Players killing time at the corner flag: see 2 above

4. Players who turn their back when standing in a wall: Made to wear pink for the rest of the game and play in high heels

5. Kissing the badge: Must find the ugliest fan with the tattoo in the most private area, which the player must also kiss (Exemptions for players who have been at the club for more than 10 years)

6. Injured player, looks like he has a broken leg and comes back on: Leave the fecker on the floor. when the ball in out of play, if he is still on the floor, off the pitch for 10 minutes or substituted.

7. Players who act all 'ard with other players but too scared to actually follow through: forced through the rest of the game with handbags. Just throw punch if you really want you pussy.

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