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Got a message to say Internet explorer needed to close etc then a message from Norton anti-virus that an attempt to attack my computer had been blocked - it found something called a "bloodhound" which it duly deleted but since then my laptop has been playing up:


Got some messages (in Microsoft Windows message boxes) about exe files called "a" and "b" needing to close several times, I kept clicking close and I then clicked on the 'change settings' link on the box and it said something about whether I wanted this application (called data something i think I can't remember) to monitor all files except those I chose - it had tick boxes labelled "a" and "b" and ""internet explorer" only the latter was ticked, it also had an option to just monitor essential applications and files only. The box had a 'help' link so I investigated this and it said that the essential only option was the default, so I chose this.


Seemed OK but things were a bit slow and then a bit later I got a Dr Watson debugger box saying it had to close.


Since then my laptop has restarted itself a couple of times without prompting and then when I tried to logon earlier, it just hung on the desktop screen after putting my login details in but no applications loaded. I did control, alt, delete and logged out and logged in - same thing. I then tried logging in on my missus's login and got in OK but got another norton message to say an attempt had been successfully blocked and a little while later the computer restarted again without prompting. I'm on my missus's login again and been OK for about 30 mins or so.


Ran loads of scans with Norton and Adaware and they both say all clear.


Anyone got any ideas what's going on and what I can do???!!



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