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Books pt.2

charlie clown

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not specifically to do with reading generally or with a particular book but more to do with just havaing books in the house. I've got a book case in virtually every room of the house but there still manages to be a bit of overspill, the missus is always on at me about getting rid of some books and clearing some storage space etc. So I've just cleared my cellar and installed a set of shelving units (3 units, each one about 5 feet high and with shelves about 3 feet wide) and a dehumidifier. I thought it would be useful to have a bit of storage to put in there, and where, wite hdehumidifier I can put the books down there and they won't go damp, mouldy and soggy.


So I've gathered the homeless books from around the house, taken em down there and stuck em on these new shelves. Filled the lot in one go. I now need to get another unit or two. Quite scary how many books there were lying round the house. After all the years of Mrs.C complaining about the number of books I might finally just grudgingly conceed that maybe she has a point.


Anyone else have similar probems? Trouble is that having conceeded the point on the books I have a feeling she may start on the CDs and records next.

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