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All fine? Or middle of a crisis?


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Please take the topic title as it was intended (i.e sarcasticly!). F**k me though. What is it about internet forums - everything is so black or white, no middle ground, no shade of grey. People who raise concerns get slated for being hysterical, or those that don't are rose tinted blah f*****g blah.


Fact is, yes this pre-season, we don't get three points for a win and to an extent team performances/formation/interplay aren't hugely important (but does help obviously).


However, being concerned about the performances of certain individuals, when it is their rare chance to shine, and when they are the so-called back-up to 1st team players is a major worry.


On the plus side, while he is nowhere near Alonso, I've been fairly impressed with Lucas the last few games. Johnson looks like he could do a really good job once he finds his feet and Gerrard, Torres will only get better and better. Masch the enforcer will also sharpen up and I think Beni will get a lot of playing time this season. Kuyt looks to be continuing where he left of last season.


On the down side, any dwindling hopes that people may have had that Voronin or Degen might actually step-up to the plate have vanished - they are complete f*****g s***e. That's not hysterical, thats FACT. You can't hide from that or the fact that currently, they are the first choice to step in if we lose Johnson or Torres to injury, how scary is that.

Ngog, IMHO, just isn't going to make it, or not for a long while anyway.

San Jose - felt sorry for him, but the politest thing I could say is that he years off the first team.

I really hope Agger and Skrtel stay fit this year or we could start to struggle.

Babel, as ever, remains an enigma.


So you've got to take these games with a pinch of salt to an extent, noone gives a flying f*** abou the score (we have always seemed to struggle in CL qualifiers - and they DO mean something), but of major concern is some of our backup to the 1st team. Some of them shouldn't be anywhere near the premiership, never mind a title chasing side. Add to that the Alonso situation and obviously theres a concern there, it's undeniable. It's nothing a few quality additions to the squad won't sort out, but the thing is that we all made a big thing about pushing on from last season, not making the same Diouf, Diaou, Cheyrou mistake, but I really did hope for more than just an upgrade at RB.


There's time yet as far as the transfer window goes, so panic is is well OTT, but I still think the next few weeks could be crucial to our season in terms of squad additions (and subtractions).

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