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Players asking the referee to book opponents...


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If a player makes a bad tackle against my teammate or even myself, why can't I have a word with the referee and ask for some protection so we won't end up getting serious injuries?


Or if my teammate has just received a dubious booking (maybe for a slightly mistimed tackle) and an opponent has made a similar one, am I not entitled to have a word with the ref and say "if you booked my player/me earlier for something identical, surely it is only fair that you book him too?".


I'm not saying you should be allowed to hound the referee over every single foul, not at all. But when it comes to protecting players from injuries or asking for fair and equal treatment, surely that is not "unsporting behavior"?


(this is sort of LFC related as I was just re-watching the Barca 2nd round tie from 2 years ago heard the commentator make reference to a player asking for one of our players to be booked ;))

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