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I was doing this today as the Da-in-Law has buggered off for two weeks in Tenerife; he usually minds the youngest two & the wife is in the Land of the Thistle with work. Apart from being on the T'internet I have:


Made Breakfast for siblings. Omlettes.


Built Lego with the sprogs. Star Wars stuff - class.


Worked for an hour or so.


Made lunch for siblings - Sarnies, Yoghurt and Fruit.


Watched Liverpool v Chelsea 2005 Euro semi at Anny. Whoo Hoo.


Worked about another hour.


Back on Net - having put M & S Roast Chicken in the oven.


Tea for sprogs; said roast chicken, baby new spuds with peas carots & gravy.


Cracked a beer and voila - here I am. You really need to be regimented and strict with yourself in terms of time self-management. Thinking of calling in to do the same tomorrow.


Does anyone else suffer from this syndrome?

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