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F'in BT


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Moved into first house a few months ago, had problems with BT ever since really.


Started off they opened our line for us saying they were giving us a new number, and they were charging us £11.50 a month line rental but taking £17.50 a month direct debit, we told them we only wanted the line with them so we wouldn't need calls, they said that they had to charge £17.50 but we'd be reimbursed at the end of each quarter.


At the end of the quarter we had a bill saying we owed 40 odd quid for calls, phoned them up and they said that we didn't have calls from SKY and that they did our calls, despite us having a cancellation letter from BT confirming that SKY were taking charge of the calls. We explained this and eventually they agreed to just charge £12.50 a month from now for the increased line rental, we asked about being refunded the extra we have paid by direct debit and they said they're not paying us as they don't owe it us but they'd give us £5 as a good will gesture. Sick of arguing with them we agreed to this and thought it would all be ok from now and we'd only lost about £10 in the end


2 weeks ago I went to make a call and got diverted straight to BT saying we owed them money and that our line was stopped until we paid them, we called BT and they said nothing was owing and that the account was up to date!! They went to the faults team who found nothing wrong with the line (obivously as we could receive calls!!)


A week later (last week) they called to say that the problem wasn't with us, it was with the woman who had the house before us as she was on the same line ad she owed them money so they've stopped the line, god knows how they managed this as she moved out in February and we opened up our account then. They told us that they would try and track her down to pay but if they couldn't they'd have to give us a new number and that it'd take a week or so to do that meaning we'd be without broadband and a line if worst came to worst.


They then called yesterday saying that it was SKY who had put a stop on our line (which we know it isn't as we've already spoken to them!!) when I explained this and that they'd already told us about the previous owner they said we'll look into it find out who's stopped the line and give you a call tomorrow!!!


To be honest I've had enough of it and don't see why I should pay for 2 weeks of the line rental which we haven't had, and also that they should re-imburse us for any calls we've had to make to BT and SKY off our mobiles.


Has anyone had similar experiences with BT and know how I can resolve this? Cheers

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