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Hillsborough effects 20 years on

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Have you tried the HFSG, its been ages since I went to see anyone


Yeah, i'll think about that but I would imagine I am miles away from them.


I can admit unashamedly to having been diagnosed in the last couple of months with PTSD all stemming according to the specialist to the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough. Never really affected me like that before and them boom, the last few months I have been walking around with a black cloud over my head and it's opened the door to all sorts of other stuff. Luckily work's private health covers it and so i'm on the mend hopefully, although it's gonna be a bit of a process.

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if you want someone to talk to about it, give us an email. There is a lad i can speak to at the HFSG and see what contacts they still have for the families as it may help. PM me through the site if you want to, i went through such a bad time at the 10th anniversary so know what it feels like

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