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Potential replacements if we lose Xabi and / or Masch


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Don't like the sound of this mornings papers.


Mrs Masch unhappy in Liverpool and went back to Argentina towards the end of last season - think it said she was pregnant also.


Makes it very difficult for Mascherano himself if true.


Snippet at the end of the article also (by Bascombe in NOTW by the way), that Xabi will try to force a move after the confederations cup.


At a time when United have been seriously depleted, it is more important than ever that we keep all our big players.


Imagine our squad without Xabi and Masch!


Who could we bring in to replace them?


Obviously Javi Martinez would be an option, but there is no guarantee that he would be a hit.


With Barca and Real lurking, player exchange deals could also be an option.


Toure, Keita, both Diarras, potentially for central midifeld, plus if any of the likes of Robben, Sneijder, Van Nistelrooy, Van Der Vaart, Hleb etc were thrown into the mix it could become interesting / tempting.


Right now though, I would happily head into next season with all of our current squad plus two or three additions of the calibre of Tuncay, Distin etc.


I would be confident that we would be every bit as equipped to challenge the Macs than we were last season, irrespective of who they bring in.


The influence / impact Ronaldo had on their side in the last 2-3 seasons cannot be over emphasised.


Apart from Messi, I cannot think of any other player in world football who is as dynamic as Ronaldo, and would supply the same goal threat.

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