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Congratulations Fernando


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I know it's slightly belated, but I think it's worth recognising Fernando's achievement in scoring his 50th goal for Liverpool on Sunday in only his 84th game for us


Faster than Aldridge, Dalglish, Fowler, Owen or Rush


& especially impressive given his hasn't been fully match fit in quite a few (I'd guess about 10?) of his 84 games


Can't choose between Marseille or Blackburn this season for my favourite


How the 50 were scored


Right-foot: 34

Left-foot: 5

Header: 11


Inside box: 45

Outside box: 5


Barclays Premier League: 39

Champions League: 7

FA Cup: 1

League Cup: 3


Full list with a description of each goal at http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/N...090526-1149.htm

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