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A small quibble


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Pressure, pressure, pressure. Anyone else think we haven't done enough to pile the pressure on the Mancs this season?


In previous seasons it's been noticeable how it's come down to 'squeaky bum time' when the pressure mounts in the title run in and teams start performing below their level as a result. That doesn't seem to have happened this year at all as the Mancs have fairly walked over the line over the last few weeks.


Despite our generally excellent results in the run in I would argue that we haven't done enough to put that extra bit of pressure on the Mancs this year.


Over the last few months all we've heard from our players is that "United are clear favourites" or "You'd have to fancy them" and while Rafa has refused to give up the title til the bitter end it doesn't seem like we've been heaping any added pressure on them by talking about the pressure they should be under.


If the boot was on the other foot I'm sure the Mancs would have been talking about how "Liverpool have to go to West Brom tomorrow who are fighting for their lives and won't give an inch... they'll have to be at their best to get anything there" etc and that type of utterance would have been coming from Ferguson and their players for the last few months before every single match, which would added to the mental pressure on our players.


I think we've let the Mancs off easy on that front. We've kept as much competitive pressure on them as we could since getting back into the race. However I'm disappointed that we didn't follow that up by putting extra psychological pressure on them.



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