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Mark Hughes and Steve Bruce

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It came as no surprise to me that Citeh got a thumping with their manager looking less than bothered. I always thought that 'Sparky' would do little in the way of upsetting his former boss and indeed his club when the result didn't really matter that much. And I was right.


Manchester United play Wigan Athletic tonight who's manager also shares a special place in his heart for Manchester United Manager Alex Ferguson.


It appears clear that the manager of Manchester Untieds next game has given up, surrendered and thrown in the towel while munching upon some fine French cheese and no doubt quaffing some losers champagne. Expect Wenger to rest many and for a cricket score of a result at Old Trafford - I'm guessing something along the order of 5-0 or 6-0 to Manchester United. Wenger has injury concerns, but a lot of young players that need experience and I guess he'll blood them there. As far as he's concerned - why not?


Hull will get a thumping and again I'm guessing at 6-0 or 7-0 to Manchester Untied as Hull simply haven't got the players or the manager to be able to go for it and not leave acres of space at the back.


So.. That's the league wrapped up with Arsenal and Hull going to fold and get thumped.



That brings us back to tonights match. I think personally that Bruce will fold and Wigan aren't going to put much of a fight up, however, I don't expect it to be a cricket score. Ferguson will realise he can rest players for the coming games - so I'd expect Rooney to start, but Ronaldo on the bench perhaps with again a few of their younger players to start - with some more experienced heads on the bench if needed.


I'd expect tonight to be a straighforward 2-0 meekly submitting Wigan to go down to a uneventful loss.

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