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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Fair Play to the West Ham fans

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Although they do have some fat b******s!


When the Justice chant started, a good number of them near our end that had been exchanging banter ( fair play to the one who agreed that he never HAD seen his dick), joined in, gave us a thumbs up, applauded and sang along with the Justice for the 96.


Good stuff from them.

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Had some good banter with them in the tube going back too


that situation with the bloke at the tube station was bizarre.

i couldnt work out whether he was a west ham fan or a chelsea fan.

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Ray 'Mr Versatile' Winstone was there, too, with Ian McShane (the son of a manc player, isn't he?).

Ian McShane was a 'nearly' Busby babe - like John Thaw - both had trials, both were taken on but at some point decided acting was the better option.

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I's sure Rik Waller was in our end

Yeah fair play to those West Ham fans. Noticed that myself

Cracking away it was

One of those odd tautologies where the capacity is both increased and reduced dramatically at the same time.

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