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This week's European Footyball

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Mancs are 2/9 to go through by any means. s**** odds them. I just hope that come what may, Arsenal kick lumps out of them. thereby weakening them for City, who in turn kick more lumps out of them....


I also hope Arsenal show a little f***ing urgency, unlike last week or Barca in last year's 2L.


That said, sadly I think they'll go through & the odds are so gash it's not even worth the emotional hedge.


At least that'll ensure that Platini has a word with tomorrow's ref - something like "not the same final two-years running, thanks". Although, at 6/5 to go through, Chels are worth the emotional hedge.


pennos are 25s for each team tonight & 35s tomorrow

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ABU lad, ABU.


Chelsea and Barca both have a fair chance of beating United as they will be able to rest players between now and the 30th, but i'd say Chelsea are the best bet. Barca lost to them last year and are a bit mentally fragile, i'd worry about them bottling it and/or lashing out.


Chelsea to win for me. One man went to mow etc.

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Paddypower. 2/9 is by any means - ET, pens


Boyles, Betfred, both 2/7 last time i checked for United to qualify for the final

I reckon Arsenal have a good chance of scoring first anyway, so will hold off on the hope that happens. No value at 2/7 let alone 2/9.

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