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Disneyland Paris


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my little girl wants to go to Disneyland Paris (or at least my Mrs has put the thought in her head that we MIGHT be able to go to Disneyland Paris if 'Daddy' can get the money together!!)..


now, not being a minge or nothin' but we're going away end of June/beginning of July and the baby starts school in September so that leaves me with not very long to get a few quid together to take them to Disney.. has anyone done it relatively cheaply - booking flights on say Easyjet and then making their own way to Disney? I'd preferably like to stay in a Disneyland Hotel to add to the experience for her..


my Mrs phoned yesterday to get a rough idea of cost and was quoted £1150(ish) for three days, two nights.. this is beyond what i can afford really.. so, i'd appreciate any advice on getting to Paris, from the airport to Disney and the cheapest way to do all of this! cheers!! :D

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