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Football and WWF

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Football has become a parody of itself and the only people who now look like idiots are people like me and you that still take it seriously.


It's like WWF - I believe some Americans are convinced that WWF (And the other things like it) are 'Sport' and 'On the Level' - to them everything that happens is part of that Sport - and having spoken to one or two (That I'm hoping are the minority) they 'know' that everything happens in that 'Sport' is real.


Clearly from our viewpoint - it's just a money spinning, staged, unremarkable and TV Viewing Rights event. It has no basis in reality or fact. It's staged from the first to the last, with 'comments' and 'arguments' with those in there just there to get more people watching and betting and 'rooting' for their side.



I think football is actually getting to that stage now. With the above WWF mantra of Money-spinning, staged, unremarkable and TV Viewing Rights event - which of those DOESN'T apply to football?



I'm wondering if it will ever get to the stage that other countries watching our game know that it's "not real" in the same we know that WWF and its ilk "Aren't real".


In years to come will there really be that much of a difference between football and WWF. Both big, popular money-generating and highly popular forms of 'entertainment'.

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