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Dalglish and Rush


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1) Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush (Liverpool)


Liverpool have more to thank Steve McMahon for than the couple of stellar seasons he drove their midfield in the late 1980s; he's arguably the man who brought English football's arguably greatest striking partnership together. Kenny Dalglish hadn't scored a league goal at Anfield during the first 10 months of 1981. He had turned 30 in March, and had suggested to Bob Paisley that it was time he moved back into midfield, or at least a withdrawn role. Paisley wasn't interested, though, keeping his star striker up front, sure he would find form again. But he didn't, and was sorely out of sorts when Everton crossed Stanley Park for a First Division fixture at the beginning of November.


Just before half-time, McMahon – at this point an Evertonian – crocked Ray Kennedy, who had to be replaced by David Johnson. Moving back into midfield to accommodate the substitute striker, Dalglish started to pull strings, scoring twice in a 3-1 win. Ian Rush, a recent signing from Chester and being slowly blooded into the team, scored the other. Something snapped into place in Paisley's head. From now on, Dalglish would play just off the young Rush, running riot in the extra space afforded to him in the hole. Having only scored eight league goals in 1980-81, the Scot hit 13 the year after, and a ludicrous 18 as a 32-year-old in 1982-83.


But his manipulation of the mobile Rush would be even more outstanding: the Welsh striker scored 30 goals in all competitions during his first season, 31 the year after, and a frankly silly 47 in 1983-84 (when the pair scored 59 between them). Rush had put years on the older man's career, who in turn had made him. Rush's record post-Dalglish was admirable – two 26-goal season hauls when Liverpool were still a force, a perhaps even more impressive 22-goal total in 1992-93 when the team was properly on the slide – but he never carried quite the same threat.




47 goals?

It was before my time, but I always knew he was special from the way people talked about him. But f*** me... 47?!


And can I just say, McMahon is still a c***

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