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From the sounds of it - the Mancs scored yet another 2 illegal goals to add to their impressive 'bent points' tally.


Given the way that Howard Webb 'chose' to referee the game at Anfield - it's clear that the FA and their lackeys have already decided that the Mancs will win at a canter - whether they play poorly, well or fantastically.


Liverpool won't be allowed to catch up and the Mancs will continue to score illegal and/or dubious goals til the end of the season and probably beyond.


Whatever grip Ferguson has on the FA and it's hand-picked cheats - you can bet it will get stronger and stronger as his last years in the game will lead to his team overtaking Liverpool's title record.


It's not that hard to remember a shed load of decision for the Mancs that just clearly are bent.


1. The two goals from yesterday. Both offside.

2. The penalty against Bolton at home.

3. The goal away to Blackburn where the keeper was clearly fouled by Vidic

4. The Stoke game where Rooney (Elbow)and Ronaldo (Petulant kick) weren't sent off then the Stoke players sent off for a foul on Ronaldo. Which led to a win in a game they weren't going to win

5. Three more occasions of petulant kicks from Ronaldo didn't lead to sendings off

6. The West Brom ridiculous freekick at Old Trafford leading to the goal

7. The West Brom captain sent off (Later rescinded) which led to a big win in a game they weren't going to win

8. The non-awarding of the obvious penalty to Everton at Old Trafford

9. Ridiculous amount of injury time awarded when they played Villa at Old Trafford

10. On at least 4 occasions Rio Ferdinand being last man back hauled the attacker over - Spurs notably - and yet wasn't Red Carded

11. offside goal against Southampton in the Cup

12. Fictious Penalty against Southampton in the Cup


Feel free to add any more I can't remember off the top of my head at this moment in time.



People laughingly say these things add up.


If that's the case they're in for a torrid few weeks before the end of the season! Except we know they aren't. They'll continue to get dodgy penalties, opposition players sent off for nothing, stupid freekicks, are allowed to foul and swear and act like s***houses with impunity and their manager can say what he wants to who he wants when he wants.


And the FA will just sit back quietly and smile.

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