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Dubious racing tip

Rory Fitzgerald

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Get this, mother in law has been getting tips in the bingo from this guy there. Apparently he is nearly always right and the other ould dears are clearing up.


So, the missus gets on with the tip and the background to his credentials and tells me to stick EUR 100 on the nose via my online account - 50 for her and 50 for her ould dear. I was expecting her to say a fiver or a tenner, but the oulde dear must really believe it to stick 50 on.


He was at 4's this morning as favourite in a 13 horse race. I stuck EUR 25 on him myself given that I backed the draw in the game last night at 11/2 when Liverpool were winning so I have some sheckles to play with.


If he loses, I'll gladly pass on the address of the bingo hall and you can shoot the kucFer :D

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