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The League is gone - and deservedly so.

Andy @ Allerton

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I didn't see the Chelsea game - but if it was anywhere near as w*** as we played today - then we certainly didn't deserve to win.


Yesterdays game was the most pathetic attempt at Football I've ever had the misfortune to witness at any level. Under 5s would be embarrased by the joke of Midfield and Defence shown on both sides yesterady. Utter f***ing cack.


The fact is - if we play like we did yesterday - we don't deserve to win f*** all.


That wasn't football yesterday - and what makes it even more laughable is that the media are talking about 'one of the best games ever'.


That sums up the media and press in this country and it's sad that football has sunk so low. It's even sadder that you've got Liverpool 'fans' that agree with them. People in work were talking about 'one of the greatest games ever'.


Well. They must be on f***ing drugs. What the f*** was supposed to be 'good' about yesterdays game? f***ing s**** from f***ing start to f***ing finish. No defence. No midfield. No formations. No tactics I could see.


f*** me. All I ask is that I never get to see such a f***ing w*** game in the rest of my life. The players and manager should be well embarrased about it because I f***ing am.

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