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Outcry in Nightclub!

Andy @ Allerton

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Manager Sam Allardyce was yesterday fuming after being insulted and embarrased after drowning his sorrows in a Blackburn nightclub on Sunday night, following yet another humiliating defeat to his beleagured side.


It was a lively night out at the sheep and wellies, a popular local nightspot in Blackburn.


As he sat innocently at the bar with friends downing a barrel of beer, he chanced to look across at the dance floor which was full of late-night revellers dancing the night away.


The Blackburn manager said "I was just sat there, you know, having a drink when I looked across at the dance floor. They were playing Madonna's 'Vogue' single on the Disco and was amazed at the disrespectful and quite humiliating 'shapes' being thrown at me. I think everyone in the place had a look at them and they'll see them as pretty dismissive to me, my wife and my cat Alex. I waited to have a word with the DJ at the end of the gig in his room, but unfortunately he got off with my bird. That shows the arrogance of the man in my opinion. I was hugely disappointed by those gestures and having relooked at them, via videos I had taken on my mobile phone, I think I'm right and everyone else can see why I'm complaining."

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