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Far be it from me to start a "United are doomed" thread,the likes of which we've seen at the end of another trophyless season,desperately clutching for straws.

However,I believe this and next season will be pivotal in the future of their club,and therefore ours.


First thing to consider is obviously Mr Ferguson,who can't go on forever etc.....etc....

We all know the score there,no need for further elaboration.


Secondly,and crucially,is that I see a number of retirements to this squad in the immediate future-that will have a telling impact on the club.The leaders of the squad are heading out to pasture.Scholes,Neville,Giggs,Van Der Sar (perhaps even Hargreaves).

All of these are important leaders.In terms of work ethic and professionalism on and off the pitch,these guys epitomise everything Ferguson has put together at the club.

They'll all be leaving in fairly quick succession,and I don't think there's anybody there who's ready to take up the baton.The closest would probably be Ferdinand or Carrick,but for some reason I just don't see it.Ronaldo doesn't give a toss,and Rooney is too busy throwing hissy fits to lead a side properly.

I also believe he's disrupted the squad through signing Berbatov.You can have one brilliant lazy blighter in a successful side,but not two(for Ronaldo-see Cantona).


Compare to our side (e.g. Stevie,Kuyt,Xabi,Torres,Carra,Pepe,Masch-as well as numerous others,and possibly Barry in the summer.There's a team of leaders there,and I believe that's reflected in the way we're beginning to play and the spirit that we play,in Rafa's image.


Additionally,there's the impact upon the squad of these United players leaving.All of these aforementioned players have played an important part of filling in odd positions when required.Who fills the gaps when they're gone?


In five words or less:

United are doomed.

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