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Lowest style award goes to..?

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I was wondering given the number of 1-0 boring games - and added to that the sheer number of games gifted by referees - whether Manchester United should be up for some sort of prize for the most unconvincing league title win in history (Should they, as I suspect, win it)?


There are few games that I've thought they were incredible in - or even very good. The sheer number of games where they've been outplayed or matched - only for a 'bizarre decision' to appear from the match officials - plus the inevitable mis-hit spawny deflection winners that have appeared.


Have any other teams 'since football began in 1992' been so unconvincing and basically gash all season yet came away with the silverware?


Saying that due to the lack of teams that will actually attempt to give them a game (Except us for a change!) - I think they'll continue to play s**** and have teams refusing to bother attacking them and they'll win it at a canter.

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