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I was only 14 when it happened, came home from playing footy in nogsy park to listen to the match all excited. Then saw what was happening on the BBC, heartbreaking, if you've ever stood on the kop as kid when Liverpool scored you knew how that could panic you, what was happening on the TV screen was much much worse.... like a few years earlier watching heysel happen, i went to my room on my own and sobbed. Went to Anfield, layed flowers and a scarf in the goalmouth of the Kop, then sat in stand watching more and more people arrive......

Then the headlines arrived on the front of that fvcking rag......


YNWA , RIP, Never Ever Forget.

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Was a lovely service but the bit at the end with the photos and Pete Wylie's great song really got to me.

I was 14 when it happened but that feeling of "why us?" came back to me from that day.

How Kenny kept the whole thing going I'll never know.


RIP 96



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Was a great service.


Was odd that Burnham made a speech but was quite breathtaking to see the chanting of "Justice for the 96" drown him out.


I hope the press report that in the right way - it was defiance and resolve not petulance.

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